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Why Is Global K9 Unique?

We’re proud to be different than most protection dog training facilities. The way we do things, from dog selection to training techniques, will make sure you end up with a Best Friend that is both protector and family companion. Watch our Company Overview video or click here for more on our techniques.

What Can We Help You Protect?

 Valuables are different to everyone. Whether you are protecting personal property like your home, or loved ones like your family, we can utilize our customized training process to make sure you get exactly what you need.

“Custom training hand selected dogs to protect you and your family is what I love and what I do.”

Our Training Director Courtney began teaching obedience classes when she was 16. Then after being moved by the unprecedented and horrific events of September 11th, she joined the Connecticut Army National Guard and enlisted as a Military Police Officer. She spent 5 years as a Military War Dog (MWD) Handler assisting local, state, and Federal agencies on various missions to include but not limited to protecting Presidents of the United States and the Pope. She has also worked with multiple government agencies, including a tour in Afghanistan where she worked as a Patrol Explosive Detector Dog Handler.



German Shepherd (Female)


German Shepherd (Male)


German Shepherd (Male)


Belgian Malinois (Male)


Belgian Malinois (Female)


Belgian Malinois (Male)



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"Global K9 had the uncommon mix of love for goofy lap dogs and the skills to train a dog to give its life defending a family."

Robert Baker

“When my wife contacted Courtney to express our interest in purchasing a new dog, it was clear that we had found much more than a place to buy a dog.”

Michael Prevatte

“We learned about Global K9 through a mutual friend, and have since had several of our friends bring their dogs here with great results."

Pastor Steve

The facility was unbelievable. The staff and owners were great. I purchased a black German Shepherd Puppy from them.

Charles Hayes

Courtney and the entire team are awesome - and so are the dogs!

Gerald Reed

Global K9 turned our over-excited out-door Australian Shepherd, into a gentle and patient in-door member of the family. She can now be trusted around our furniture and most importantly, around two new born babies.

Kenny Rubin

Simply the best! Courtney is amazing at what she does and I wouldn't take my protection companion to anyone else. She will be our long-term trainer and friend!

Derek Brown

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