Dog Obedience

All dogs require Dog Obedience, especially when it comes to puppies, untrained adolescents or adult dogs.

Most people are not skilled to give puppies or dogs the Dog Obedience they need whether training for obedience or training for protection in order to develop bite and dog protection skills.

Dog Obedience classes from Global K9 Protection Services in the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee range from basic Dog Obedience to advanced guard dog and dog protection classes.

Beginner Dog Obedience courses will give your puppy, untrained adolescent or adult dog a solid foundation when it comes to the most basic behaviors teaching your dog or puppy how to sit and stay. Beginner Dog Obedience classes will also teach your dog how to behave on a leash.

Advanced Dog Obedience classes for Security or Protection are more in-depth teaching dogs to protect family members.

Customized Dog Obedience classes are also available from Global K9 Protection Services. With Customized Dog Obedience classes, the team of trainers from Global K9 Protection Services can provide your puppy, untrained adolescent or adult dog with a training package that has been designed for your specific needs and the needs of your dog or puppy.

For more information regarding puppy, untrained adolescent or adult Dog Obedience classes talk to Global K9 Protection Services today.

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