Guard Dog Training

Global K9 Protection Services provide guard Dog Training in order to protect your family or property.

There are valid reasons for Guard Dog Training. Well-trained guard dogs work hard in order to protect your possessions and your family, however, guard dogs require additional responsibility and should be taught by a professional such as Global K9 Protection Services.

During Guard Dog Training, a dog is taught obedience skills while carrying out basic commands. During Guard Dog Training the dog will be taught to walk on a leash, come, stop, no, stay and sit with positive reinforcement in order to encourage proper behavior while guarding your home or office building. Guard Dogs are specially trained with special protection and personal body commands that are necessary for Guard Dog Training.

Guard Dogs range from being alert barkers to Guard Dogs who are capable of warding off attackers in order to defend others and him or herself without the slightest bit of hesitation.

For more information regarding Guard Dog Training, contact Global K9 Protection Services today.04

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