Personal Protection Dogs

Personal Protection Dogs from Global K9 Protection Services are trained to be on the offensive, not the defensive. In other words, it makes no sense to send a personal protection dog to attack a person who is running away. If you or a family member has the ability to make a call or run to safety, there is absolutely no reason for a Personal Protection Dog to attack someone unless another person is challenging you or a family member’s personal space.

Some Personal Protection Dogs would not make good police dogs, as it is not in their makeup to chase someone down in order to bite them. However, good Personal Protection Dogs will protect their owner if the situation should arise. Good Protection Dogs are not usually prey driven.

Global K9 Protection Services can provide you with Personal Protection Dogs that have the control needed to avoid possible danger and liabilities to visitors and friends. Control is one of the most important facets when it comes to Personal Protection Dogs.

For more information regarding available Personal Protection Dogs, or Personal Protection Dog training, contact Global K9 Protection Services today.

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