The Belgian Malinois-Want One?

Khaos standing side

This is Khaos-a beautiful example of a Belgian Malinois by AKC standards.General appearance- resembles a square when looking at from the side- top line, forelegs and hind legs. Head is clean-cut and strong. Eyes are dark brown and almond shaped. Ears do not fall lower than the eyes. and are equilateral triangular shaped. Topline is generally level. The body should give the impression of power without bulkiness. The coat should be short on the head, ears and lower legs, longer around the neck, tail and backs of thighs.There are 5 colors that are accepted- all with black mask; Fawn, Fawn Sable, Mahogany, Red and Red Sable. All stand 22-26 inches at the shoulder and weigh between 40 and 80 pounds.

The Belgian Malinois- Want one? If your lifestyle is high energy and you love to be with your dog- PERFECT! Being an active part of the family is very important for the Belgian Malinois. Loving and sensitive, the Malinois does not respond well to too much alone time or harsh training methods. In addition to physical exercise, the Belgian Malinois requires mental stimulation and because they have so much “play drive” and enjoy working so much, just about anything stimulates them and earns the word, “play”. The following are terrific choices of things to do with your Malinois- obedience, tracking, agility, flyball, herding, showing, Schutzhund and other protection sports, family personal protection, search and rescue, and police work.


Originally bred for herding in Malines, Belgium, the Belgian Malinois is increasingly becoming a breed used in police and military work, personal protection and performance across the world. The AKC (American Kennel Club) defines this breed as intelligent, hard-working, and loyal and states that a typical Belgian Malinois weighs 40 to 80 pounds, has a short, fawn-colored coat with a black mask, and lives 12 to 14 years. Although sometimes mistaken for a German Shepherd Dog, the Malinois is typically smaller, faster, and more elegant than the German Shepherd.


One of the four Belgian sheepherding dogs, the Malinois has an abundance of energy and stamina, and is continually on alert and ready for a job. If you have decided that the Malinois is the breed for you, it is imperative to expose your puppy/dog to many different people, dogs, other animals and situations as early as possible. Puppy kindergarten classes are recommended for your Malinois puppy, followed by a basic obedience training class. The earlier your training begins, the better your bond, communication and the stronger your relationship will be between your Belgian Malinois and you!


Khaos and WizardGlobal K9 Protection Services has a litter of Belgian Malinois puppies due any day now! Call and secure a puppy if you may be interested in one from this couple! Both mom and dad are fully trained Available Belgian Malinois Protection Dogs. Khaos is 3 years old and an amazing protection dog! Wizard is less than 2 yrs old- excelled in every area of protection and working on detection now too!


Khaos loving on Seth

Khaos has a compact lil body that can fly across the farm at 28 mph playing fetch and retrieve a thrown ball, but perpetrators beware because if commanded to “attack” she will thrash like an alligator until given the command to release. She is loyal to her handler and will snuggle to watch late night TV or babysit on the playground! She is a special kind of find for her forever family!


Wizard over crates2

Wizard is a Global K9 staff favorite, with his loving personality-he hugs everyone his handler allows him too, as long as not given a command to protect or attack-then WATCH OUT!!  He is quick and flashy with his obedience/commands and always does as he is told. Wizard is our super dog- leaping obstacles with ease and always ready for more! A pleasure to have by our side in public and in the house! Wizard will make a family very happy!!


We’d love to hear from you and see pictures of you and your Belgian Malinois! Share a story about the exercise you and your Mal do together!  Also, feel free to call us if you need any help in training- whether obedience or protection- it’s what we love to do! Mention you saw this blog post and we’ll give your dog a special surprise when you come for your first day!     844-8K9-WOOF








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