Why have a Protection Dog?

By September 8, 2015Uncategorized

FullSizeRender 2IMG_5826 Why have a protection dog? According to Derek Brown, a self defense enthusiast/expert, and someone who had a German Shepherd Dog as a pet prior to working with Global K9 Protection Services, it is because “the days in which we live, are not getting any safer. The more elements of defense you can have, the better- for myself, and for my family.”  Derek brings Riley, his GSD, to one of Global K9’s training facilities at least once per week for protection training sessions and to further his obedience commands.  Derek and his wife, Karen, are also purchasing a female Belgian Malinois puppy from Global K9 Protection Services and plan to train her along side Riley in deterring threats and Personal Protection. Derek goes on to say “the nice thing about a protection dog, specifically one that is trained <at Global K9 Protection Services> is the ability to deter a threat before it ever escalates to me doing anything.”

If you have questions about any of our fully trained personal protection dogs, or available puppies, please contact us at

844-8K9-WOOF or visit our website for more details, www.globalk9protection.com


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