A Rare Find-A female German Shepherd

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Nessie SittingNessie is almost 2 and a rare find – a female German Shepherd from The Czech Republic! Her temperament is extremely “ready to listen” after her initial excitement of meeting a guest, and if its not work- she is happy to settle at your feet and watch TV, or go for a hike while
you ride your horse on the trails! She does great in close quarters, like in town walking, or out in the open – on fields and perusing the forest. Her obedience is excellent and her bite work is sharp. This young lady is friendly with cats, dogs of both sexes, horses, and hasn’t met a squirrel or rabbit she has obsessed over and chased yet- mostly a curiosity for her! She loves toys and is food motivated! Very smart!

Nessie bite

Nessie enjoys children. She will protect them naturally, and enjoys being handled by them as well. Her play is gentle and rewarding, as she is a cuddle bug ALL THE TIME! She actually HUGS with her front legs and paws- it is adorable!  Would love to see her go to a family where she will continue to interact with people of all sizes!!

The following videos are wonderful examples of Nessie being herself!!

 Nessie downtown with child       Nessie Obedience        Nessie Around the Farm      Nessie Heiss Command with Child             

If you are interested in finding out more about Nessie, please contact us or fill out this questionnaire and we will be happy to assist you!


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