Are Personal Protection Dogs only for the Rich and Famous?

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Having your “wing man” with you by your side is as natural as having any other family member… Some, don’t leave home without him!

Are Personal Protection Dogs only for the Rich and Famous? The answer is an emphatic NO! Personal Protection Dogs are for any individual who wants a fun loving, obedient and loyal, furry companion 99% of the time and the remaining 1% of the time, a security partner, a weapon, a tactical force to distract a bad guy’s attention away from you and your family and most importantly- a keen protector who is with you all the time so when needed, you can give a one-word command and rely on them to obey 100% of the time.  These dogs aren’t a nuisance to travel with- they can go without leash-where legal, are comfortable anywhere-weather permitting, and love being with their family! They are easy to lay down next to a table at a dog friendly restaurant and they simply stay there the entire meal-if people didn’t comment about how well behaved they were- you would forget they were there! And, if you have any needs that would benefit with therapy dog services, we can train them to assist in those as well- enabling them to go on airplanes with no additional fees, inside malls & restaurants, in grocery stores or other markets, and any other buildings you may want to have your dog with you. Safety is not just a concern in your home- we read all to often about bad guys lurking at ATM machines, in public bathrooms or shopping areas, in parks, in cars while stopped at red lights…. You name it!


Know your child is safe at the neighborhood park when she is escorted and watched over by your personal protection dog!!


So, how does someone who cannot just stroke out a check with expendable money, afford a protection dog? We take a combination of check and credit card, we even have a lay-away plan depending on your circumstances, we can help you fundraise for your family protector, we’ve helped some families get creative with payment plans too! We can also help your family start with a companion dog who has all the obedience commands mastered with the drive and capabilities of higher protection skills but we haven’t developed them yet and as your financial means grow, we can further train you both on how to improve protection skills. Our goal is to help people be safe and help get the right dogs into the right homes! So, if you are ready to protect yourself and your family- don’t put off what may be the best decision you could make- Get in touch with us now!

Global K9 Protection Services 844-8K9-WOOF


If you have questions about how to choose the right personal protection dog for you, check our dogs out! 844-8K9-WOOF


Aron with siblings (1)

Prime Protector, Aron with his new brother and sister- they get along beautifully!

If you have family pets currently, and are worried about how a new personal protection dog will react, don’t be! Our multi day acclimation and training period with the existing family ensures all existing pets will get along fine with your new pooch! And we always make sure we help match the best dog with each family to make sure the dog you choose will be fine with the pets you currently have, the lifestyle you keep, and the needs you have! Its part of what makes Global K9 Protection Services unique for this industry – its not just about selling a dog- its more about finding the right forever family fit!

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