Let’s compare CGC Personal Protection Dogs versus Personal Pet Dogs

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Let’s compare CGC Personal Protection Dogs

versus Personal Pet Dogs

99% Pet, 1% Bad Ass Protection Dog

Khaos loving on Seth

Female Belgian Malinois, Khaos, is loving on a 12 year old boy visiting the farm!-

Myth– “Protection dogs can’t be trusted around kids”

Fact- They are lovable, sweet pals and more reliable than Pet dogs because they follow commands and only “bite” when they are commanded too. To a protection dog- “biting” is a command- like sitting, laying down, or heeling. They play and rough house just like all pet dogs, and the greatest thing is, when you say “enough” in a calm, normal tone, they immediately know it’s time to stop playing and settle down.






Aron and siblings

Dominant Male German Shepherd Aron with his brother and Sister – hanging out on the bed!

Myth– “Protection dogs have to be single pets in a home”

Fact– Very few extremely dominant personal protection dogs must be the only pet in a home.  Most Personal Protection Dogs can be worked with to co-exist with other dogs (may be same or opposite sex or a submissive dog) or a cat, or even farm animals.  It’s up to our trainers and our clients to discuss their unique circumstances, their family dynamics/home environment and work out the perfect dog for each situation. We also enjoy custom training dogs to help them better handle certain home situations where everything may be perfect and another animal may not be interested in a new sibling! Our trainers will help with the introduction and even do training with the family pets to assist in the new protection dog’s arrival!



CGC Personal Protection Dog                                                    Personal Pet Dogs

           X                    Loving and Loyal to family members                                                                             X
           X                    WILL travel with family in car/airplane & other public transportation
           X                    WILL accompany you to Grocery Stores, Malls, Theaters & other public facilities
           X                     Can play with & rough house and will stop when you say stop                                   X
           X                     WILL protect you by standing by your side & barking until commanded to stop
           X                     WILL attack a “bad guy” when commanded & not on own accord (no mistaken
                                identity or having a dog use his judgement instead of a human making that decision!)
            X                      WILL do all on leash and off leash obedience commands
            X                      Will search your home, office or property for intruders and hold them till help arrives


When you’ve thought about it enough….make the call! The bad guys don’t wait- nor should you!844-8K9-WOOF

Global K9 Protection Services will have a litter of puppies available for the December holidays if you want a puppy to work with throughout his/her developmental stages, and we ALWAYS have fully trained personal protection dogs available for you to come visit, work with, play with, and fall in love with! We’ll help match the perfect dog with your family and situation. If someone didn’t tell you our dogs were Personal Protection Dogs, you’d NEVER know it! They are sweet, loving, obedient, gentle, silly, love to play fetch, go for runs, watch TV, go for car rides, and be your pet 99% of the time! In the other 1% of the time, if you need them to protect or defend you or a family member, search your home/office for an intruder, and attack if necessary- they’re your #1 Protector and a lot quicker to react than dialing 911.  These Personal Protection Dogs are the best of everything!


Global K9 Protection Services travels all 50 States and Globally to deliver dogs and train families and business personnel in how to handle their new Personal Protection Dog! Check out the website for videos and to read more about the opportunities and feeling of security these dogs will bring to your family. www.globalk9protection.com

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