My Pet, My Pal, My Protector – My Dog Means The World To Me!

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Aron is my new best friend!


My Pet, My Pal, My Protector – My Dog Means The World To Me! Young or “mature” we love our pets! We tell them our innermost thoughts. We love on them! We rough-house and play fetch! We take care of their needs and provide for them! Gosh… we even pick up their poop, right? So, what is it that they do for us and what on earth would make them valued as much as a vehicle?


“Emmett has a presence about him and gives us peace of mind!”

“Wiz keeps me smiling – I mean, look at his sweet face! But don’t do me wrong or you’ll see a different side of him”



















Marco Sweet

“Marco makes me feel safe no matter where I am and he’s a big pillow too!”

Bash sweet

“Bash is learning to swim like me and I don’t get scared because he’s with me!”


“The fact that Esso can protect my wife, my children, myself oe any family member, gives me great comfort!”


















“I have a sister but Atos is like my big brother. He watches out for me and goes everywhere with our family.”


A vehicle has 4 tires and you trade it in or sell it after several years. There’s little to no emotional attachment, it simply gets you from point A to point B and some folks feel as though the vehicle they drive is a status symbol of their worth. A personal protection dog? Well, that’s different story… As the photos above depict and the captions state, they steal your heart with their unconditional love, their ability to follow commands and give us peace of mind, and to allow our children to gain confidence and feel support. Their loyalty is un penatrable and they are dependable as the day is long. If you have been thinking about adding a member to your family, this is a fabulous time to check out our available dogs and puppies. Some of our newest puppies have not even been listed- so make sure to call for those details.


Global K9 Protection Services takes finding the perfect match of dog for your family and lifestyle VERY seriously. Talk with us. Tell us about your family and what activities you enjoy, what the dynamics are in your house, how fast paced the environment is and any special circumstances you may have. If you have other pets or farm animals, children, elderly parents who live with you or visit, if you travel much or mostly stay close to home… all these details are important.  And when we know these answers, we can introduce you to the individual dogs who meet the closest to your criteria and then based on whose personality and looks you like the most, we can build a custom training program to teach that dog the balance of skills important to you. This is how we help people find their best friends,  the ones who make them feel safe and at peace, It’s no wonder we are making so many families happy– you can be next!!


Give us a call and plan a trip to visit our Farm 1836 Old Natchez Trace Franklin, TN 37069 or call us at your earliest convenience and we can surely help you get started over the phone! 844-8K9-WOOF  We have clients all over the world – we are used to long distance relationships!! Hope to hear from you soon!















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