Global K9’s Gift Of A Trained Canine Is Helping The Police Department in Florence, AL, Keep Its Citizens Safer

Global K9 Protection Services is always looking for ways to help communities in need. When a dog enters their Protection Dog Training Program, and the animal seems better suited for a full-time job, such as being a Police K9, and not in a family home environment, Global K9 looks for a deserving Police Department in which to make a phenomenal donation. They give a beautiful, high-quality K9 with obedience and some degree of training in protection bite work to that department. And one of these fortunate departments is the K9 Department of Florence, AL.

The Florence Police Department has had a K9 Division continuously since 1982, and they have made an effort to maintain four dual-purpose canines for the most effective coverage of their city. But in recent years, budget cuts have gotten tougher for them to overcome and they have had to receive help from outside of the city to supplement the needs of the community. “Diane Cooke, with Global K9 Protection Services of Franklin, TN, reached out to us and offered to donate a quality canine to our unit,” says Sergeant Wesley Gargis of Florence PD. “She suggested that we go to the Global K9 facility and test K9 Hercules to see if he would fit the needs for our unit. While evaluating Hercules at their facility, we worked with Director of Training, Courtney Graham-Robbins, who provided insight to K9 Hercules’ abilities and impressed our team with her military background and K9 handling skills. To say Hercules is a fit is an understatement. Hercules tested very high in environmental and courage tests and his drive to hunt and work was far above that in which we are used to seeing in “green” dogs.”

Global K9 encouraged off-site testing to ensure that Florence PD was able to complete a thorough test and have a clear and accurate picture of Hercules’ potential as a candidate for police work. “I would definitely recommend Global K9 for both single-purpose and dual-purpose police K9 needs. I would like to personally thank Global K9 for their drive and desire to provide police agencies with quality canines and I look forward to working with Global K9 in the future,” says Gargis.

Indeed, Hercules has done Global K9 proud. He has been deployed on the streets of Florence for five months now, and during his short time, he has already been responsible for 27 deployments, three apprehensions, and thousands of dollars in narcotics and currency seizures. “Without question, Global K9 has helped take our canine program to the next level,” says Captain Mike Holt, of the Florence Police Special Operations Division. “They clearly understand the needs and expectations of a police canine program and consistently exceeds them.”

Being a partner with nearby communities is something Global K9 Protection Services and its owners Diane Cooke and Courtney Graham-Robbins pride themselves in. “It feels good to help the people who so often help others, so when we can give back — we do it happily,” confesses Diane Cooke. “The Florence PD is one of the many great departments we have had the pleasure of working with, and besides caring so much about their own community, they have a great love for their K9s and it shows in their work.” According to Courtney Graham-Robbins, she too connected on a deep, professional level with the Florence team. “Having been in the Army’s Military Police and handling K9s for so many years, we immediately shared a rapport. I liked these guys and what is even more important, Hercules bonded quickly with them. I guess it was an act of happy destiny. This dog and them were meant to be together, and at Global K9 we are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to have helped facilitate this.”

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