How To Buy A Personal Protection Dog: A Step-by-Step Guideline

You made the decision to buy a personal protection dog. What’s next?

Often times, our clients aren’t sure of what questions to ask, or what the next step is.

We at Global K9 Protection Services want to know what your needs are for a personal protection dog, so that we can use our experience and knowledge to help pair the perfect dog with you and your family. This is unique for each family — and an incredibly important step in the selection process, because we want every family to find the most suitable dog to forge a loving and forever relationship with.


We ask for details like your day-to-day life routine. What activities you like to do. Whether you travel a lot. Whether you’re active or more laidback in your lifestyle. If there are lots of people or kids coming in and out of your home. If you have other pets and if so, what kind. What kind of home, yard and neighborhood you live in. If you or your family members have had threats made against you? All this information is extremely important data that will shape our selection process.

Fill out this questionnaire and submit to help lead us to your next step in the process.


After you have submitted your questionnaire, we will contact you and talk about what breed, age, size and temperament of dog we think might be best suited for your needs. We always have an immediate selection of dogs at our facility, trained in each level of protection that is available. But if we feel the perfect dog is not with us — we will still find the right match!

Whether you pick one that has completed the level you desire or we need to find the right dog and train it to that level, we always do two weeks of customization regardless. This is key for language concerns, de-sensitizing the dog to specified household or business equipment, particular skills you would like outside of our huge array of built-in skills, etc. We have trained our dogs to be good around any and all animals, travel on private jets and boats, go kayaking with their owners, or be handled by a 5-year-old child or an elderly person with age-related challenges. All this is to give you, your family, and your new companion the best and easiest transition into your home as possible.


Prior to delivery, we will Facetime or Skype with you to introduce you to your new dog and show you some of your dog’s skills. We will also teach you some of the commands and handling techniques with different training tools we utilize to have the best control of our dogs in all situations. While our dogs are not trained to focus on the equipment, we like you to be familiar with the look and sounds you will experience when we come for the multi-day delivery of your new protective companion.


The day has come for you to meet your new best friend in person! Our staff of expert trainers will arrive at your home and teach you and your family how to maximize the capabilities of your personal protection dog. Over the next 2-4 days of training based on what level of dog you purchased, they will demonstrate and teach you how your new dog has impeccable manners, on and off leash control, and how you can use your dog not only to deter a threat but to handle a situation where you need to utilize your protection dog. Once you are able to handle the dog appropriately, we will also do realistic scenarios to not only test the dog but also the handler. Knowing when and how to utilize your new protection dog is a skill that we enjoy teaching our new clients and seeing them take action while the dog is deployed and learning how to handle each scenario are real life benefits.


After the extensive delivery process we undertake for our dogs, it isn’t the end of your journey with Global K9 Protection Services. Our dogs are not just a tool, or piece of equipment that we sell — they are a lifetime pride and asset for us, and we care deeply about the life they live with their new forever family.

Since we cover so much material in the several delivery days, you will receive a phone call from the trainers that spent those days with you, checking in to see how things are going and if you have any questions. We also provide follow-up training — either at our clients’ request or as we travel throughout the world, contacting clients who live in nearby areas to see if they would like any refresher training. Even if our clients don’t opt for follow-up training, we are always a phone call, text, video chat or email away from helping them.

Our Global K9 Family is incredibly special, and we are forever a part of each other’s lives! Welcome to the family!

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