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July 2017

Dog Safety
July 24, 2017

11 Ways To Keep Your Dog’s Paws Healthy And Protected During Summer

A lot of dogs like to keep their paw business private. They do not appreciate…
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Dog Safety
July 17, 2017

11 Tips To Keep Your Dog Safe In A Swimming Pool

Summer time is pool time for most dogs. They love nothing more than playing in…
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Dog Grooming
July 10, 2017

Why Shaving Double-Coated Dogs In Summer Can Damage Their Hair Growth Pattern

Come summer, and most dog-owners worry that their pets are overheating on account of the…
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Dog Safety
July 3, 2017

16 Ways To Help Your Dogs Cope With Summer Heat

Summers can be pretty hard on dogs. As temperatures rise, so do their susceptibility to…
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