National Hotel Chains That Are Happy To Accommodate Doggie Guests

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Everyone loves a holiday, but for dog-owners, it is a bittersweet decision to take a bit of time off for rest and relaxation. God knows, you and your family need it, but your pet could use a break too!

Dogs enjoy travelling, seeing new places, sniffing new things, but getting a place to stay where your pooch is welcome on the property, and on the hotel bed, isn’t always easy to find.

Big hotel chains totally understand this. They want your business, and therefore some of them want your dog too. If you start your hotel search with the “dog-friendly” keyword on hotel booking websites, you will usually get a handful of options that allow pets to stay for a daily fee. But these properties may not be up to par.

To help you get a booking with a reputable national hotel chain that have a pet-friendly policy, we are checklisting some of the top ones in the United States for you:


Fairmont is a pet-friendly hotel that even has a Canine Ambassador program, with puppies greeting guests in the front lobby in properties such as the Fairmont Copley Plaza in Boston and the Fairmont Hotel in Vancouver. Naturally, you can bring your own dog too. At the Fairmont Washington DC, Georgetown, dogs can stay for free and are given special treats made by the hotel’s pastry chef. At the Battery Wharf in Boston, pets get special amenities like their own bed, food/water bowls, towels etc. Guide dogs usually stay for free. Get more information on pet policies for individual properties by clicking here.


Doggie guests receive welcome packages that include a pet bowl, dog tag, and treats. Many Loews properties offer special services like dog walking, pet sitting, and doggie spa treatments. Loews has partnered with Banfield Pet Hospital and they offer complimentary examinations and a 15% discount on services during their stay. $25 fee per stay, no weight limit. Find more information, by clicking here.


Your dogs can get a loaner Burberry raincoat here on drizzly days! And certified canine massages. Talk about dog pampering! Though all Ritz-Carlton Hotels are not pet friendly, those that do accept pets pull out all the stops to give your dog a great time. The usual charge is between $125 and $ 250 non-refundable pet fee. Get more details on pet policies by clicking here.


Best Western calls itself a leader in pet-friendly travel. With more than 1,600 hotels that accommodate pets, they usually allow two dogs (80 lbs weight limit) in each room. If you are traveling with an exotic pet, you can still check in with the property concerned and see how they feel about hosting it. If it’s a cat or a bird, they will probably green-signal the animal. Snakes? Mmmm…. Not so much… Find out more about their pet policies for each location by clicking here.


The Kimpton Group was the first to offer HosPETality, and 12 of their properties even have a Director of Pet Relations — a canine ambassador who gives you a tail-wagging welcome. With no fees and no weight limits, all of these elegant hotels offer welcome amenities that include beds, bowls, and treats, in addition to special options like gourmet room service or a human and dog yoga session, known as “doga”. Get more details by clicking here.


A boutique InterContinental brand with more than three dozen hotels in the United States, Hotel Indigo treats each and every one of their doggie guests with a five-star, red carpet rollout. In return for a daily fee, dogs gets their own goodies, beds, towels and toys. A few Indigo properties have resident dogs, such as Huey at Hotel Indigo Baton Rouge and Indie at Hotel Indigo Atlanta Midtown. Your pet won’t be without friends here! Check out the pet policy of specific Indigo locations by clicking here.


This pet-friendly hotel chain has over 360 pet-friendly locations. The USP of this brand is that they do not charge a daily fee or even a refundable deposit for visiting doggie guests. Not too many frills and facilities to spoil your dog, but the hotel staff are genuinely welcoming of dog guests. Check out the pet policy at their individual locations by clicking here.


They have 5 locations in USA, where they are willing to work with guests who want to stay with not just dogs but exotic pets too. “Get in touch if you have something strange or large and we’ll try to make it work,” is their booking time promise. (So that pet snake of yours may just find decent accommodation here.) They welcome pets under 25 lbs at a friendly rate of $25 per night with no charge for additional pets who come along. So your second dog gets to stay for free. Dogs are allowed in all public areas, except the restaurants.


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