6 Christmas Foods That Dogs Should Never Be Allowed To Eat

By December 18, 2017Dog diet

Christmas is a time when the house and the kitchen are busier than ever with festive foods, festive decorations, family and friends. We tend to indulge our pets at this time of year too, because we want them to partake in every joy of the season. But dogs are smart creatures and they know how to silently help themselves to all sorts of goodies when no one is looking. After all, it is the season of sharing isn’t it?

Well, not so much if your pets have eaten food that will make them sick – and there’s a lot of it at the Christmas table. Here’s a list of common Christmas foods and ingredients that are toxic to canine digestion and overall health. Watch out for them and warn your friends and family too about feeding the dogs under the table with these things:



 The cooking process dries up turkey (and chicken) bones and makes them brittle. When dogs chew on these bones, they are more likely to splinter and cause damage to the dogs’ stomach and digestive system. Under no condition should dogs have access to turkey or chicken bones. Not during Christmas. Not ever! So make very sure that nobody offers a piece of turkey meat to the dogs with bones in it. And dispose of the carcass in a way that your pets cannot get at them.



 Dogs love turkey skin because of the delicious layer of fat that is stuck to the bottom. And because a lot of humans don’t care for turkey skin, the chances of the dogs getting scraps of it handed to them under the table are enormous. Alas, canines have a hard time digesting these tasty morsels, and eating too much of can even lead to pancreatitis.



 Most recipes for stuffing calls for a variety of herbs and spices that dogs are not used to. And Christmas is not a good time to experiment with your canine’s tolerance for either of them!



 Another big no-no because of the presence of raisins in each bite. Grapes contain compounds that can cause kidney failure in dogs, and raisins – dried out grapes – have an even higher concentration of them.



• If there are kids in the house, there is bound to be a lot of candy canes and sweet treats lying around. Make sure your dogs do not chance upon them because gorging on sugar is likely to bring on a bad bellyache. Not to mention the havoc that individual plastic wrappers can cause when chewed up along with the candy.



 While these pretty, red Christmas plants are not exactly food, many dogs love to nibble on them anyway. Poinsettias can cause intense tummy pains, vomiting and diarrhea. Make sure your pets are not attracted or interested in poinsettias before you display any within their reach.

Besides these common Christmas foods, there are several ingredients that should not to be eaten by dogs either – like onions, garlic, nuts and chocolate. It is hard to keep track of everybody and what they doing during Christmas, but do keep a special eye out for your pets during this wonderland season of freely-available Christmas treats. Keep them safe, and enjoy a hearty Christmas with your entire family!

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