Fresh, Healthy Treats That Will Keep Your Dog Cool And Comfortable This Summer

By June 11, 2018Dog diet

Summer months are hard on dogs. The heat dehydrates and robs them of energy and they seem to get more and more sluggish as the temperature rises. Introducing fresh snacks that have a cooling effect in their daily diet is a great way to keep them perky and excited. Here are a few simple, healthy treats you can consider tempting your pet with:


• Carrots offer the same nutritional benefits to dogs as they do to human beings. Pureed carrots added to dog food is easily digested and the amount of nutrition derived by your pet from cooked carrots is much more than raw carrots. However, summer’s a time when many dogs enjoy gnawing at a stick of cooled, peeled carrot. Make sure you don’t leave your pup unsupervised with a carrot though as it can be a choking hazard.


• Slices of fresh watermelon is a perfect treat for dogs, because they have a high water content and cools the body from inside. However, make sure to remove seeds from the fruit first, or buy seedless watermelons, because they’re toxic for your pet.


• Radishes cool the body, and according to Chinese medicine, help chi (energy) circulate during hot summer months. Offer a slice of radish and see if your pet will eat it. If he does, you’ve just found a nice, healthy snack that will help regulate his body temperature and keep him more comfortable.


• Refrigerate florets of fresh cauliflower and offer them as a crunchy treat to your dog. Control the portions though because too much cauliflower can make your pet gassy.


• Green beans are a low-calorie snack option, and rich in plant fiber, manganese and vitamins K and C. What’s more, most dogs love a green bean treat!


• Pet parents sometimes forget the need to encourage their dog to drink more water in the summer months. How about making water seem more exciting by freezing them in ice trays with cute shapes, so your pet is fooled into thinking it’s a cool, cool toy?

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