10 Things You Should Keep In Mind When Camping With Dogs

By June 25, 2018Dog Safety

It’s camping season! The weather has warmed up nicely and you may be thinking of taking your dogs camping over a long weekend in the great outdoors. But dogs don’t handle heat the same way that humans do, and it’s important to do some early planning to make sure you have everything you need to keep your pets safe and comfortable throughout the trip. Here are 10 things to keep in mind:

# 1: Will Your Dogs Enjoy Camping?

• All dogs don’t do well on a camping trip, and if it’s going to be your pet’s first time, it’s worth considering whether he’s going to actually enjoy it. For example, does your dog get stressed easily? Does he hate being tethered by his leash? Is he likely to wander away on his own?

# 2: Visit The Vet

• It’s always a good idea to visit the vet prior to the trip and make sure your pet’s healthy and up-to-date with vaccines etc.

# 3: Apply Flea And Tick Medication

• This is very important. Always guard against flea and tick infestation when taking your pet camping in the outdoors, as they can cause some very serious health issues.

# 4: Make Sure Your Dog Is Welcome

• If you’re going to stay in a campsite, find out if they are a dog-friendly location before showing up there. Not all campsites are.

# 5: Carry Water All The Time

• Dogs dehydrate very quickly in hot weather, so it’s important to keep water handy at all times. A collapsible water bowl is a good thing to have because it takes up no space and can be clipped on to your belt or onto the dog leash.

# 6: Off-Leash With Caution

• Never let your pet go out of sight when you’re allowing him some off-leash time to play and explore. Campgrounds are full of interesting sights and scents that are worth chasing after and there may be animals lurking about too.

# 7: Crate When Being Left Alone

• If you have to leave your pet alone in the campsite for some reason, do not leash him. Besides the stress of being restrained in an unfamiliar surrounding, there may be wild animals about. Crate him instead, and he will stay much calmer and safer until you return.

# 8: Check The Dog Regularly

• Check his paws, mouth and ears for ticks, burs, thorns that he may have picked up while hiking with you or roaming outdoors.

# 9: Glow Sticks For Night Time

• If you’re setting up your tent in a secluded area, glow sticks are very useful to keep tabs on your dog’s whereabouts. Attach a glow stick to your pet’s collar and you will see him easily in the dark.

# 10: A List Of Things You Should Carry

• Some essential items that you should consider having on hand when going camping with your pet:

– A stake and long leash for tethering

– Short leash for walking

– Collar and ID tags

– Large towel

– Crate

– Blanket/bedding

– Treats

– Toys

– Dog brush/comb

– Tweezers

– Flea/tick medication

– Antiseptic wet wipes

– First aid supplies

– Poop bags

– Flashlight

– Contact information for the nearest vet

Enjoy your trip!

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