How To Keep Your GSD Cool And Comfortable During Summer

By June 20, 2019Dog Grooming

Summer is here, and the rising temperature may be making you anxious about the comfort of your German Shepherd (GSD).

Unlike single-coated dogs, GSDs have special grooming needs that must be kept in mind to protect their beautiful double coat.

Here are 8 quick tips on how to keep your dog cool and comfortable throughout the hot summer months this year:

Brush your GSD daily. It will help to keep shedding under control. German Shepherds “blow” their coats during Spring, and shedding can carry into the summer months.

• Don’t try to beat the heat by bathing your dog too often, because GSDs have natural oils that preserve their coat and keep their skin in good health.

• Be careful when cutting nails. GSDs have dark nails, and it is safer to err on the side of caution to avoid any chances of cutting them to the quick.

• Clean your GSDs ears regularly during summer to avoid buildup of wax and debris.

• Earmite is another thing to watch out for. Mites are contagious and if your GSD has an active social life with other dogs during summer, make sure he/she is not picking up a mite infection from playmates in the park.

• Hot pavements are not kind to your dog’s paws, so check them often for cuts and bruises.

• Keep your dog cool with plenty of water and natural, hydrating treats like watermelon, apple, celery and cucumber.

• Keep your pet indoors during the hottest hours of the day.

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