Ero holds his IPO-1 Title in Schutzhund RingSport which maintains he has earned the exquisite comparison of THE perfect German Shepherd Dog as he was judged on his conformation, temperament, and obedience abilities in this working class.  His patience and sweetness are unique, as he enjoys playing with males and females, responds well with men and women, and children can handle him with ease also.


Ero just turned 4 years old, and as a more mature lad, he is not impressed with the excitement that cats, other younger dogs can bring, and does well with just about anything you can throw his way.  His nature is to love and hang with his family, protect when commanded to do so, and be the family pet of a lifetime! When Ero “turns on” to Deter a threat, his bark and growl are ferocious until you tell him to stop. Afterwards, he is back to a loving boy, looking to play or cuddle up on the couch!