Marco is an incredibly handsome 4 year old male German Shepherd. He arrived from Europe with his Körklasse-1 5JX5/45 (The Körklasse-1 is the highest breed qualification, i.e., a classification of dogs that are recommended for breeding. Highest score for self-assurance, calmness and expression: pronounced attitude of drive, self-confidence and loading capacity [ability to handle pressure]; and has flawless, complete dentures). He also earned his SVV1 Title for extensive tracking, on and off leash obedience and protection. Marco learns very quickly.

Marco is very mild mannered up until he is asked to perform and then watch out! He turns on like a light switch and off just as quickly. He is a 105 pound gentle giant with a toy drive and spunk for playing with his loved ones like he has known them all his life. A unique and special boy is how we classify Marco, with his pristine personality and flashy obedience to go along with his fierce attack mode that will scare any perpetrator away.