K-9 Questionnaire

  • Please go through this questionnaire and fill it out to the highest level you feel it meets your desires with a protection dog and new family member. Often times, we think one thing, and then in reading, it allows us to ponder other things. Feel free to allow your curiosity to wander and we can discuss in greater detail how we can help make your new dog perfect for your family. Our dogs can be custom tailored in obedience, protection, tricks and other special services, based on the dogs innate abilities, personality and overall character. Its what makes our efforts and time in selecting the highest caliber dogs so very key and gives Global K9 Protection Services a higher degree of excellence over so many competitors.


  • Household

    (Nanny, Nurse, Maid, etc.)
  • (Work, Hobbies, Kids Activities, Entertaining, etc.)

  • Preferences

  • (Hiking, Swimming, Playing Fetch, Running, etc.)
  • (Yacht, Private Plane, Secondary Property, Business Locations, etc.)