Maintenance Program

Our maintenance program is extremely popular to those clients of ours that want to maintain the highest level of obedience and protection for the lifetime of their dog. This is also good for those owners who are always looking to improve or advance their dog’s capabilities. Prior to even coming to your home, we will have one of our experts put together a tentative agenda on what areas you feel your dog needs to improve on and also what you would like him to possibly learn. Upon arrival, your training will initiate with a surprise scenario- trainer(s) with hidden safety equipment on (making this as realistic and unexpected for both you and your dog as possible) will in some way approach you in a seeming-to-be mugging, car-jacking, threat outside your home, burglary, or any one of many scenarios we create. Over the amount of days you request, we will brush up on your handling skills and your dog’s commands in any and all areas you wish to work on or we see that need improvement. At the same time our trainer will show you ways to advance your dog, run you through different scenarios you might encounter with your dog, and possibly teach new behaviors. Call for prices and packages.