Does your dog…

  • Embarrass you?
  • Potty in the house?
  • Jump up on people?
  • Dash through doors?
  • Not come when called?
  • Run away?
  • Bite or growl at people?
  • Snap and/or fight w/other dogs,cats, other animals?
  • Dig holes?
  • Bark unnecessarily?
  • Chew on furniture?
  • Chase bicycles or cars?
  • Climb on furniture you wish they wouldn’t?
  • Steal food and objects off counter-tops, tables or from trash cans?
  • Hate the mailman?
  • Use your shoes and chew them as if they were toys?

Group Classes

Do you want to be able to spend time with your dog learning how to teach them how to be the best pet for you? Our group classes at Global K9 Protection Services are a great way to achieve that.

Our group classes are 6 consecutive weeks that meet for an hour each week. We keep classes small to maximize all dogs learning potential. This also allows for some socialization as well as distractions throughout the class. We offer group classes for all levels such as Puppy Kindergarten, Basic Obedience, Intermediate, and Advanced. Read more about each class to see which one fits your dogs level the best.

Puppy Obedience ($110)

Get your new puppy started off on the right foot and enroll in our Puppy Group Class. It is crucial to begin the training process as soon as your puppy comes home, so that the many dog years to follow will become years to enjoy. Our Puppy Group Class is 4 weeks long with the main focus of proper socialization with people & other dogs. During the class, we will discuss how to desensitize & expose your new puppy to different environments, noises & obstacles you will encounter in the days & years to come. These are crucial to building their confidence as well as to help with every day life routines such as; grooming visits & veterinarian appointments. Just like a child, your young puppy is like a sponge. They are very impressionable & with our 20+ years of training experience we can set you and your puppy up for success to ensure happy and healthy years to come.

During our Puppy Group Class, we will also discuss crate training, house breaking & simple manners including: Nipping, Jumping, Digging, Chewing, Etc…

You will be equipped with the tools to create a foundation to several obedience commands like sit, down, place, come and focus. You will quickly learn how easy it is to teach your dog to follow your lead & to keep your dog engaged. They will view you as the leader and with the tools we equip, you will be able to begin teaching commands, obedience & tricks to establish a healthy relationship you and your puppy require.

Puppies must be 8 – 16 weeks and have all immunizations possible.

Beginner Obedience ($230 includes equipment)

If you are looking to have a more enjoyable pet or need to gain some control then this is the class for you. This class is 6 weeks long, one-hour each week and we will help teach you techniques to help break bad manners such as housebreaking, jumping, barking, digging, chewing, nipping. As well as reinforce some good behaviors such as waiting at doorways, focusing when asked, and dropping or leaving food and toys alone. We will cover on leash obedience to include the following commands: sit, down, come, place, walking on a loose leash, and start the foundation to a structured heel.

Intermediate Obedience ($460 includes equipment)

In our Intermediate Obedience class, we take your dogs training to the next level with holding you and your dog to a higher standard. We start using specific tools that are included in the purchase of the course to help reinforce distance, distraction and duration. We will create a multitude of distractions and proof all the behaviors they learned in basic obedience. We teach them to respond to hand signals and minimize the communication we use verbally or through a leash. We also introduce you to training your dog to a sit and down in motion as well as sit and down on recall. This class is designed to prepare your dog for off leash training so we also focus on distance and duration.

Advanced Obedience ($250)

You and your dog are ready to enjoy life without a leash. This is one of our favorite classes as you will learn to be able to control your dog in a variety of environments, distractions, and get to enjoy going places with your dog. Simultaneously your dog will enjoy having much more freedom and learn to obey instantaneously all while off leash.

Private Lessons

We understand some clients and dogs need a little more one on one attention or prefer to have their training customized to their needs. We offer both private and semi-private lessons at our facility or in your home to help your training progress.

In-Home Lessons

We know people are extremely busy and want to maximize their time available, and sometimes making the time to travel to lessons is just not feasible. We will come to your home! One on one lessons, customized to you and your dog’s needs to rectify any poor behaviors (chewing on furniture, peeing in the house, attacking windows when people walk by, rummaging through the trash can, etc) and learning new obedience commands (loose leash walking, sit, down, place, heel, waiting at doorway and sidewalks, stay, come, etc).

This is optimal for individuals who have a busy lifestyle and really want and need help with their dog’s behaviors to enhance the relationship they have together and so you get the most out of the time you have set aside for training your dog.

If you have a neighbor, friend, or relative who has a dog with similar issues and would like to train together… we offer our SEMI -PRIVATE LESSONS at your home to lessen the cost to you both families and to be able to work on socialization also! (Of course, we can always bring one of our proven, safe dogs to help with social boundaries and skills.)

$100 per PRIVATE LESSON or $115 with a Senior Trainer (plus mileage if over a 20 min drive)

At Our Facility

Here at our farm we have the opportunity to work with you and your dog to master a wide range of settings, phobias, social introductions, etc. It also has a LOT of space (23 acres) to practice many different scenarios. It is the ideal place to expose your dog to whatever obedience obstacles you may want your pooch to learn, overcome and accomplish. We encourage you to come visit at any time for a full tour of our facilities and get a sense for who we are, what we do and how we can help you, your family and your fur-baby.

We have many family members, neighbors or best friends that travel together and would love to have their dogs be able to play together as well. Or, better yet, be able to listen and obey simple instructions when at each others houses, yards, parks, hotel rooms, etc. We are happy to combine training with dogs of similar learning abilities and if you don’t have a buddy but we do- we may even be able to hook up your pooch with his or her new bestie and do some SEMI-PRIVATE LESSONS which lessen the cost to both parties! PAWSOME!

$75 per PRIVATE LESSON or $90 with a senior trainer.

Day School ($75/day)

If you live or work in the Franklin, TN area and would like your dog to get some socialization as well as some training throughout the day then this is an ideal option. Our day school dogs are welcome to stay 12 hours out of the day from 7am-7pm and get trained 4 times throughout the day customizing the training to your wants and needs. Your dog will also get evaluated to see what other dogs it gets along with and will get put into playgroups throughout the day. This option is offered Monday- Friday.

Training Academy

If you ever think to yourself any of the following, our Training Academy is the best option for you and your dog.

  • When can I make time for training?
  • My dog has behavioral problems that I don’t think I can fix.
  • Other trainers have tried and failed.
  • I wish my dog were already trained.

Our Training Academy is the fast track to accomplishing what you would like to get out of training your dog, with us doing all the work for you.

Puppy Kindergarten ($1400)

This is a 2 week academy that is specifically for puppies under 16 weeks that have had no previous training. The methodology we use protects the integrity of the puppy’s personality by using positive reinforcement, marker training, and creating good habits and manners for your puppy.   Our goal is to build the puppy up and get him/her on the right track, learning behaviors we want as opposed to altering the innate character and temperament by using negative or correctional enforcement as so many other trainers practice.


Manners: We will start to extinct and ignore bad behaviors such as jumping, nipping, mouthing, barking, chewing, etc and redirect with other wanted behaviors

Crate Training: We will start to get your puppy on a schedule which will help your puppy adjust to going potty when and where you want him/ her to.

Foundational Obedience and Commands: Creating behaviors such as sit, down, come, place, tricks (dependent upon your dogs natural ability)

Focusing Exercises: We will use your puppy’s name, our body language, and verbal cues to get your puppy’s attention with different distractions

Leash Walking: We will begin to get your puppy used to walking on a leash

Environmental Stressors: We will expose your puppy to build and ensure their confidence.

Socialization: It is paramount for our clients to not only have well behaved but social and loving dogs. We will introduce your puppy to different people as well as animals during their stay at our facility

Customized Training: Anything not covered in the puppy kindergarten curriculum.

On Leash Obedience ($2500)

This is a 14 day program with a curriculum designed specifically for dogs 6 months and up who have had no previous training. Our trainers will not only create good behaviors through positive reinforcement but will also help to extinct bad behaviors with tools, timing, and technique that we will show you to be able to reinforce all they learn at home.

Training will include:

Manners:. We will extinct and ignore bad behaviors such as jumping, nipping, mouthing, barking, chewing, etc and redirect with other wanted behaviors

House Breaking: We will start to get your dog on a schedule which will help him/her adjust to going potty when and where you want them to.

On Leash Obedience: SIT/ LAY DOWN/ Lets Go ( which is a relaxed walk not pulling on the leash)/ PLACE (got to a designated area and lay down)/ COME HERE/ HEEL (more formal walk where dog is to stay by your side)

Focusing Exercises: We will use your dogs name, our body language, and verbal cues to get your dogs attention with different distractions

Socialization: It is paramount for our clients to not only have well behaved but social and loving dogs. We will introduce your dog to different people as well as animals during their stay at our facility.

Environmental Stressors: We will expose your dog to ensure and build their confidence.

Customized Training: Anything not covered in the on leash obedience curriculum.

Off Leash Obedience ($4200)

This program is designed for those individuals that want On and Off Leash control of their dog in the yard or your home with or without the use of a leash. There is not a set time frame for this Training Academy, because we guarantee our dogs learn the off leash obedience in many different settings so for us to do this- we must take the dogs to many different settings multiple times and proof their abilities prior to training you with them.

This Academy usually lasts 4-5 wks depending on the dogs innate abilities and desire to please. We will cover all behaviors and manners in our on leash program but include off leash capabilities as well as hand signals. If you’d like us to train your dog in Personal Protection, the course will take longer and there will be an additional charge based on which protection skills you are interested in- we can discuss this on an individual basis.

Elite Dog Academy ($6000)

Our Elite Academy offers up to 6 weeks of customized training. We will teach your dog on and off leash obedience and manners for your home and in public. We will cover commands such as sit, down, stay, place, come here, lets go, heel and much more. Your dog will be put to the test learning distance, distraction, and duration.

After completion of training your dog will be eligible to earn their AKC Canine Good Citizen and their AKC Urban CGC.

Along with your training you will receive the tools, training, and techniques used by our trainers to make you successful long after your dog leaves our facility. You will receive a e-collar, customized leash, pinch collar, place mat as well as 5 hours of training to be done at our facility, in your home and even in public.


Call the office for details (615) 791-3556