Dione is a 2 yr old unique and stunning, Liver Colored German Shepherd. She has an incredible pedigree- her father, Iron von den Wolfen, is a 3x National IPO Champion and the 2014 & 2015 WUSV World Champion! Her obedience is flashy and always with precision. But what takes the cake with Dione is her personality.

She has a considerable presence about her that makes everyone’s head turn as she walks off leash next to your side. She walked the red carpet at The Grammy’s, worked the crowds like a star and stole the official after party as hundreds of guests crowded to pet and love on her over hours. This dog is second to none as a highly trained obedient protection dog, raised inside the home with small dogs and children.  She is intense, with a powerful crushing bite and has been put through many pseudo scenarios to ensure her reliability to handle a true engagement situation, yet she is easily handled by your entire family, as she has been handled by kids and adults since she was a puppy. Dione is an extremely stable, clear headed protection dog that not only tolerates children, she enjoys their company and understands her role as a family protector.