Protection Training

Puppy Foundation/Bite Development

This course is an important developmental tool to help your puppy learn manners and be balanced in both obedience as well as protection. We can help develop bite skills which will enhance their ability down the road so they can become that guardian over you and your family and property. This is a wonderful way to develop innate skills puppies have and gain the confidence you need to seek higher levels of obedience and protection.

$65 per hour/ $45 per hour for semi-private lesson

$50 per session, per person – Private-$75 per session

Private Protection Lesson

In this lesson we work on creating a full mouth bite, crushing grips, and speedy entries, which are the foundation to an exceptional family protector. We work on targeting different parts of the body with and without equipment, shaping controlled behaviors while the dog is in drive and have the dog overcome many different stressors to include gunfire, yelling, fighting back, multiple attackers, and moving vehicles, etc. In advanced levels, we move to off-site locations, accentuating the scenarios by pseudo sabotaging the owner and dog. This tests both owner and dog with their capabilities in handling appropriately under stressed conditions.

$65 per session on site/ $90 per session off site within 25 miles

Protection Academy

We offer our Protection Academy to dogs that have been evaluated and show potential in becoming a personal protection dog. In this academy we progress your dog in each level of capabilities we offer, striving to build his confidence, enhance his prey and defense drive, learn to turn on and off – on command, targeting various areas of the body, desensitizing him to fighting back, as well as environmental factors, and culminating with scenario based exercises where the you, the owner participate to learn the new skills your dog has and how to handle him appropriately and with assurance.

Cost of this training can vary with what level your dog is currently assessed at and what level you would like your dog to complete. Please call for pricing.

Bite Club

Global K9 Protection Services takes great pride in selling personal protection dogs as well as helping family pets to become protection dogs. We started Bite Club to help owners and their dogs keep their skills sharp as well as to continually progress their training. We can work with you on anything from bite development, building prey and defensive drives, turning on aggressively on command, faster entries, body targeting, overcoming obstacles, desensitizing to equipment and gunfire, etc.

$50 per session

Refresher Training

Do you have a busy schedule, or planning a vacation and would like to have your dog stay with us to refresh their training? We offer our refresher training in both obedience and protection all while your dog stays in our home. This can be for any length of time and upon completion we will spend a full day training you with the skills your dog has learned in his/her time with us. Of course there will play time too-we do live on a farm! $130 per overnight stay (includes training, play time, our food or yours, and brush outs to keep shedding down).

*Note: All follow ups and maintenance packages do not include expenses of airfare, hotel, and rental car which is to be taken care of by client prior to travel.

Protection Training For Your Current Pet

Want to train a dog that is already a member of your family? We can teach you how to train and handle your own puppy/dog and develop your dog into the protection dog you want him/her to be.