Global K9’s Super Puppy Program

So often, you want a puppy, to bond with, to grow with, to love and cuddle… yet bringing a puppy into your home can be quite nerve-racking. The schedules…Potty Training? How many feedings is the right amount? How much water?

They chew items other than toys. They bark. They nip at your pant legs, little ones fingers and even your nose when you are kissing them. They are, quite honestly, if not trained…. quite rambunctious little rascals- who are very cute of course- so you want to say “no”- but “yes” is what they hear from your mannerisms, voice inflection and sometimes even the words you say.

Global K9 can help you get off on the right paw with your new little one, when you enroll your pup into one of our four Super Puppy Programs, which enable us to do the hard work, and you reap the benefits!

We know how demanding and frustrating it can be, so we cater to your needs and adjust the puppy to your schedule. After all, you are the Pack Leader! Setting your pup up for success in his/her first weeks away from mom and litter mates is critical.

Our unique puppy training was created exclusively for clients and pups in mind, so during this transition into their new home, both you and they have the basic knowledge and foundation to enjoy a lifetime of copacetic behaviors and manners- all learned while still in our facility, where they are most comfortable and learn best.

Why is Our Super Puppy Program SO Important

Deciding to bring a puppy into your home and family is the first BIG decision. However, in deciding how much time and energy you have to spend with your puppy in his/her first weeks home is the basis to a lifetime of challenges or pleasure. When considering your busy schedule, your family’s needs and the development of your pup, we know, as professional Breeders and Trainers, we do the best job at early puppyhood training.

Our Super Puppy Program Trainers are trained exclusively in German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois breeds, understanding first and foremost how important the first couple months of life are in developing the proper drives to keep them engaged, but able to relax; full of fun and games, yet eager to please; and understanding their role as a puppy and possibly your future personal protection dog.

You can trust us to enhance your puppy’s confidence, build skills in a positive reward based manner so your pup is not exposed to forceful learning scenarios that can damage their happy, well-adjusted beginning.

Our Trainers know and love our Parent Dogs and their pups! As soon as you notify us of which Program you would like, they adjust each puppy’s daily training based on the knowledge of strengths and shortcomings. The sooner you know- the better for your puppy! We can build on natural traits from whelping till you pick up your new furry loved one. Depending on whether you want your pup to be a family pet or future Personal Protection Dog also shapes our training time.

If these highly energetic, working breeds are placed with a trainer who is not experienced with their drive, demeanor and sensitivities to correction, there could be lifelong, damaging results. It is very difficult and often times impossible to undo the negative behaviors developed during these fear imprint stages of a pup’s life.

Pups who are not socialized properly during this critical socialization stage often become unpredictable and fear aggressive- making them a danger for people and/or animals who are not in the immediate family/home environment. The common thought for families is that because they have multiple pets or an active home, the pup will get the necessary exposure- NOT SO. When your pup develops the natural overprotective behavior from lack of socialization, it can lead to more serious aggression, and nobody wants that for their pooch.

Any traumatic, painful, or frightening experiences can have a lasting impact. This is why we highly suggest that all pups enroll and complete a minimum of 3 weeks in our Super Puppy Program. A German Shepherd or Belgian Malinois who completes our 8 week Program has the best chance of using the strength and drive born with to become a well-balanced dog with sound mind, and an eagerness to please his handler. These are the puppies who make the best Global K9 Protection Dogs and Family Companions.

How and Why Does The Super Puppy Program Work?

Everyone wants a puppy to be well behaved, happy, and excited with the transition to his/her new home. Setting each puppy up for success is what we do best. It is our only job- to ensure these little beings have the best opportunity at a full life by sending them home with lots of skills and manners to make their handlers happy.

We begin by getting your puppy on a schedule- your schedule!

Between 8 and 16 weeks, what your puppy learns will be seen in adulthood. Their attention spans are short, so many training lessons throughout each day are necessary to ingrain the permanent behaviors we want in our adult dogs, as well as to learn your individual puppy’s temperament and personality- adjusting our training methods as they develop.

We gradually introduce your puppy to new sights, smells, textures, environments, people, animals and challenges.

We slowly increase your puppy’s training experiences to include positive feedback for good choices (rewarding with high value treats, food, toys and affection), providing a safe home and kennel setting so they trust people and look to us for guidance no matter what facility they are located.

We control your puppy’s living and training environment 24/7 so they are not left to their own vices, forming bad habits or becoming apprehensive.

We keep your puppy current on age-appropriate immunizations based on American Veterinarian Medical Association protocol.

We send videos and photos of your puppy solo and with trainers, a Report Card with updates and often even a phone call each week.

We provide life-long support via email, Instant Message, text and phone call.

Registration, Payments, and Options

The number of puppies attending our Super Puppy Program is limited in order to maximize each puppies time with our designated Super Puppy Trainers. Because of this, registration is recommended as soon as possible, on a first come first serve basis. We believe the decision of having your puppy complete our Super Puppy Program is the most important decision that you can make. Thank you for investing in your puppy’s future by choosing to have your puppy become a loved member of your family.

Payment Options

Global K9 offers several convenient payment options to assist each client to be able to afford this critical training for new puppies.

Cash – At any time we invite you to come to our farm facility, visit with our staff and pups and pay towards the Super Puppy Training Program you feel best suits your family’s needs.

Cashier’s Check/Money Order – If you prefer to use CASH, but do not want to send it through the mail, stop by your local Bank, Western Union, Walmart, etc and have them send us a Cashier’s Check or Money Order!

Check – We invite you to drop a check in the mail or come visit us!

Credit Card – We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. The beauty of using a Credit Card is that your bill arrives days to weeks after you give it to us and then typically isn’t due for another thirty (30) days! Take advantage of delaying your payment and let us start training your pup today!

NOTE – Global K9 is charged a Bank Fee with all credit card charges. We pass along a 3% fee for all charges that total over $2500 for the purchase of services, products or dogs.

Payment Plans – Each of our Super Puppy Programs can be split into multiple payments! With the complete payment of your puppy, we will accept payment of the Super Puppy Program of your choice over several payments, as long as you are Paid In Full 3 business days prior to your Puppy being ready to leave our facility and head to your home! Please talk to us about your needs to work out your custom payment plan!

Can Every Puppy be Enrolled in a Super Puppy Program?

No! In order to fulfill our Training goals of each Super Puppy Program, we have a designated Trainer for each litter. There is limited amount of time per day and when working with puppies, it takes many sessions each day to keep puppies engaged and wanting to learn, therefore, we strongly urge you to make your decision early so your guarantee your puppy a spot in the Super Puppy Program.

We begin early training with the few pups per litter enrolled as soon as we receive a contract for the Super Puppy Program of your choice!

Sound, Social and Super Puppies graduate our Super Puppy Program!

Let us do the hard work for you, and you reap the benefits with a Puppy who your family and friends will be in awe about as they arrive in your home, already knowing basic commands and house training is under control!

All Global K9 Eight (8) Week Old Puppies: $1800.00

All Global K9 Puppies leave our facility having gone through Early Neurological Stimulation. From research noted below, along with years of studies by the U.S. Military K9 Program, we know that the early days from 3-16 is the most critical window of time for rapid development and growth of the neurological system in puppies. When eyes and ears are closed and they are only able to suck, smell and wiggle around, this stimulation increases the puppies awareness and encourages neurological growth and development. The program designed by the U.S. Military is termed “Super Puppy” and gives our puppies a superior advantage in life.

Documented Benefits of Early Neurological Stimulation are:

  • Improved cardio vascular performance
  • Stronger Heart Beats
  • Stronger Adrenal Glands
  • More Tolerance for Stress
  • Greater Resistance to Disease

Tests concluded that these “Super Puppies” were found to be more active and more exploratory than non-stimulated puppies. It was also noted that the non-stimulated puppies became extremely aroused, whined, and made many errors. The puppies that received ENS were less upset by test conditions, calmer, made fewer errors, and gave only an occasional distress sound when stressed. This Bio-Sensor Workout is clinically and environmentally found to promote neurological stimulation- none of which naturally occur during this early stage of life.

ENS Workout includes:

  • Tactical Stimulation (between the toes)
  • Head Held Erect
  • Head Pointed Down
  • Supine Position (on Back)
  • Thermal Stimulation
  • Countless sounds, volumes & textures

Global K9 Puppies are introduced to age appropriate, safe social environments which increase their confidence from their fourth (4th) week of life. They meet people of all ages, get play sessions with young children, go on weekly overnight field trips with trainers and are introduced to other dogs of all sizes, cats and sometimes horses. Our puppies begin and master our Puppy Obstacle Course before they leave our property. This course encourages the puppies to explore their surroundings, challenge themselves and allows us to further predict which of our puppies are best suited as household pets and others future personal protection dogs.

Each Puppy comes with Puppy Paperwork to help you in bringing your puppy home, a small bag of Puppy Food, Age Appropriate Immunizations, a Global K9 Play Toy, and our lifetime support!

Our Super Puppy Program is available to a limited amount of new owners and is Highly Recommended. Our ultimate goal is to provide our forever families with the best puppies ever. A well socialized puppy is not only healthier and happier… it makes for the perfect lifelong companion!

One (1) Week Functional Puppy Program: $500.00
This program is designed to introduce your puppy to life away from his/her litter mates and become familiar with a crate, house breaking ability, a schedule of feeding, drinking, playing sleeping along with name recognition. The benefit to you is that you avoid those first days of messy housebreaking and loud crate training. Like babies learning to sleep in the safety of their own cribs, we take care of those early days of whining, crying and barking so when your puppy arrives home, the crate is becoming a safe and manageable place to rest.

Three (3) Week Starter Pup Program: $1000.00
During this three (3) week program, we continue to crate train your puppy and instill the potty training that most pups under 3 months do not comprehend. Your puppy has been successful in overnight crating and will understand that outdoors is the place to potty, along with the introduction to potty bells if you choose. The basic obedience commands such as sit, lay down, and come are imprinted and the words for positive and negative reinforcement are introduced- Good, No, Break and Leave It. Your puppy is up to date on immunizations and will go home with a Crate, a Global K9 Puppy Chew Toy and Play Toy.

Six (6) Week Good Pup Program: $2500.00
Still a super young puppy, at 14 weeks of age, your puppy will come home knowing house manners- such as no jumping, barking or chewing on anything other than toys. Obedience is solidified at this time with sit, lay down, come, place, and walking on leash. Your puppy will understand his/her name, and reinforcement words such as Good, No, Break, Leave It, Lets Go and Off. The crate will be a place of comfort and your puppy will have further reliability in house breaking. We will introduce your puppy to car rides, being out in public, and grooming. Your puppy is up to date on immunizations and will go home with a Crate, a Collar, a Leash, a Global K9 Puppy Chew Toy and Play Toy.

Eight (8) Week Super Puppy Program $4000.00
At four (4) months of age, your puppy will be incredibly confident at home and in public. In addition to all the six week program offers- which is house manners, obedience, Crate Training and House Breaking, your puppy will have lived in a home with one of our Trainers so all of these skills are used in real life experience. In this program, the AKC will award your Puppy a Star Certificate as a Canine Good Citizen. Your puppy is up to date on immunizations and will go home with a Crate, a Collar, a Leash, a Global K9 Puppy Chew Toy and Play Toy and will also be Microchipped.