8 Reasons To Choose Us

You can purchase your new family companion anywhere. Find a personal protection dog at several different companies. So, what makes us stand apart? Why spend your money and put your trust in Global K9 Protection Services? There are many reasons, but here are 8 to start…

Right Method for dog and owner

We believe each dog and owner are unique and both learn in a certain way and differ from dog to dog and client to client. The best protection training methods enhance communication between dog and person, and we teach without causing pain, fear, or confusion.

We break down each skill into small steps and build on each success. With each dog we train, we have to modify, improve, or occasionally try something completely new. Being able to identify when one method or technique is not working or isn’t clear to a dog is important.

Just like with humans, making learning fun and rewarding allows for a greater level of learning …and retention!


Many protection dog companies importing dogs don’t take into account how important an immediate integration for these dogs are. Many of these European imported German Shepherd Dogs or Belgian Malinois endure the stress of a 14 hr. flight and then get picked up and get put into a kennel along with multiple other dogs and start training the very next day. We take a much more compassionate approach. We try to make as many trips possible to view our prospective dogs in person as possible. This does take away from training dogs so as a substitute we do use Global K9 Protection Services Associate approved vendors that we have done prior business with, and know our standards of excellence. If we are unable to be a part of the assessing phase prior to purchase we have extensive conversations about the dogs history to include genealogy, training, bite development, titles earned, socialization, integration in a home setting, and any possible negatives. We also request an array of videos of that perspective K9 protection dog, so we can look for any possible faults and capabilities of the dog. If the dog passes our assessment and we import him or her, we immediately assign them to a World Class Trainer so they can start to build a rapport. The dog will then live with us at Our Farm Facility in Franklin, TN. This allows the dog to acclimate to his new environment but also lets us start a critical part of our initial evaluation. We can observe how the dog reacts in the house, around people, kids, other pets, farm animals, everyday objects, sounds, and normal daily activities. Living at Global K9 Protection Services’ Farm Facility is as close to a normal home environment with all the bells and whistles imaginable.

Extensive Training and Testing

After our initial evaluation we go much deeper into testing and proofing the dogs nerves and suitability for success in training and more importantly for you and your family’s needs. We make sure all of our dogs are confident and environmentally sound. In other words our dogs are comfortable around your family, your friends, animals, all different noises, and can perform their duties in any environment, under any circumstance. We desensitize your new companion to strange noises, smells, textiles, gunshots etc. We perform regular health checks and handling your dog in different ways which can help make vet visits much easier. After passing our evaluations and getting acclimated we immediately start on instilling amazing manners to every one of our dogs. We will extinguish any problems such as jumping on people or furniture, digging, chewing, unnecessary barking, and housebreaking. All the while we have begun obedience training and protection training.

We break our protection training into phases as well:

Bite Foundation: which ensures our dogs bite with a full mouth and strong grip.

Targeting: we want our dogs to be able to bite multiple areas of the body; arms, legs, groin, etc.

Overcoming Obstacle: fences, windows, cars, tunnels, things some dogs would be afraid of without training for.

Fighting: using to learn not just their mouth but their entire body as a weapon, as well as learning to fight through pain they may experience from a criminal.

No Add-On Costs

We will not surprise you with any additional expenses at the last minute. Our goal is to have your entire selection process and investment ironed out in the very beginning so when we come to your home with your Family Protection Dog, there is no exchange of money. This is a time of excitement, education and bonding with your new family member. Once you choose a training program, delivery method, follow up training and/ or maintenance program you will not incur any additional cost for training, equipment, or way of delivery unless otherwise outlined in your contract. All training equipment is provided with the cost of training. Prior to signing our contract we will have discussed some different options such as coming to our farm for a demo and to see dogs available, travel arrangements upon our delivery of your new Family Protection Dog/Estate Protection Dog/Personal Protection Dog to your home as well as follow up training packages offered. These prices will all be included in your final price so there are no additional costs.

Unparalleled Customer Service

We pride ourselves on unparalleled customer service from your initial phone call, through the training process, pick up or delivery of your dog, and well afterward. We will keep you up to date with the progress your dog makes in training and any time you just want an update. We will be at your disposal for questions, updates, or concerns 24/7 to include holidays.

Complete Transparency

We only present imported protection dogs that we have here in the United States and whom we have worked with and have confidence in after they have arrived. This is important. When you see a dog advertised on our website, he is here, on the farm or living in one of our trainer’s homes for social acclimation and already working in our world class training program. He is not still overseas or in route somewhere, as so many businesses are in the practice of doing. We pride ourselves in only offering for sale exclusive protection dogs, imported German Shepherd Dogs and Belgian Malinois.

The dog has already been through his quarantine, passed our local veterinarian check, and we have approved his character and feel good about his soundness and social abilities. There is no chance that this Family Protection Dog will be shipped back or that he does not match all of our pre-requisites and we feel confident he is a sound, safe, perfectly well rounded imported protection dog, ready to accept further training by one or more of our World Class Dog Trainers and then ready to meet his Forever Family!

Many other companies offer dogs for sale who they have not purchased and are physically located out of the country who will need to be shipped, go through a quarantine period, vet check, and then evaluated-if the company even follows protocol- to verify the dog is the caliber of sound mind, social and health quality before they begin training- this takes time and it often happen that when we purchase dogs overseas and they arrive, they go through an adjustment period before their true colors show… which is why we never put a dog on our site before we have time with him and can be sure after working with him that he is good for a family and as a Personal Protection Dog.

Quality of Dogs

We only purchase and import German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois puppies and dogs who our World Class Dog Trainers  have a working knowledge of and from our exclusive training partners worldwide. We never bring in a dog who has not been proven socially safe around children, other animals, people in many circumstances and a variety of places, textiles, noises, etc.

We train and work with the dogs daily – they will NEVER go days/weeks without work and play time. We have a regimen to uphold and our World Class Dog Trainers stick to it so our dogs are the most social beings, know their job well and as soon as a dog is purchased, the specifications our clients request are put into a new training program to ensure they are fit and ready with all skills requested on the agreed upon delivery days.

Most times, our dogs can be delivered within just a few weeks of purchase (if not sooner- depending on the level), not 3 months to over a year like many other companies. Prior to making any purchase, whether you purchase a Family Protection Dog from us or another Personal Protection Dog Company, please make sure there is a guarantee on when your dog will be ready for delivery or your money will be refunded.  This will ensure you do not wait entirely too long for your dog because he or she is not being trained or is being over-looked because other dogs have taken priority.

Global K9 Protection Services is passionate about bringing the right family and the right dog together in as safe and quick a time as possible. Our goal is to provide impeccable obedience training, protection training second to none, and to spend as much time as necessary in our selection process to make sure we never substitute the quality of our chosen dogs, their welfare is never compromised,  their personality stays sound, and their training is not sabatoged by allowing too much time to pass with them not making progress or by rushing them through a training protocol they are not ready for. Our integrity is key to our success and we believe in bringing the honesty of each dog’s natural character to fruition by learning the dog and his attributes and building on his natural skills.  That is why the selection of just the right dog is so important. If we start with a dog who has the wrong drive (maybe too much prey drive or no toy drive at all) or maybe a dog that has shown a small bit of aggression but the vendor covered it up as the dog being high strung and immature, or possibly a dog who seems perfect in all areas but is leery of thunder or doesn’t like slippery floors. All these things are incredibly important and would make us reject purchasing a dog with these issues.

Global K9 Protection Services purchases dogs that we, ourselves feel we would want in our own homes as our own Family Protection Dogs. A dog we feel confident that we could train as a Family Guard Dog who would risk his life to save and protect the Family we entrust to care for, love and nurture for the rest of his life. That is who we are. That is why you should buy your dog from us.


We take a deposit on your dog. Just like on any major purchase – you put down a deposit and pay the balance just before time of delivery. In our case, two days prior to delivering the dog, we will collect the balance and it includes EVERYTHING you will need to ensure a safe and comfortable working relationship with the addition of your new family member.

The dog’s fee includes our travel and expenses for our days on delivery to train you and your family, the dogs collar and leather leash, an e-collar, a place mat, and even a toy!

Your dog will have received his wellness immunizations, micro-chip or tattoo for permanent identification, heart worm preventative and some dog food to get you started.