Protection Levels

Companion: Starting at $8,000

Our Companion dogs are searched for world-wide through only our approved breeders and vendors. We always will have a Companion available for sale that has been screened by us and we know as much as possible about the dog’s medical and training background, capabilities, and has completed our Off Leash Obedience program. If we don’t have what you are looking for we can talk to you about specifically what you are looking for in a dog whether it be breed, gender, looks, or temperament and begin a search to find that perfect dog for you at which time they would go through our process of screening, integration and training.

Deterrent: Starting at $12,000

Our Deterrent dogs are similar to our Companions with a few perks. This dog will have our off leash obedience, but at the same time help deter unwanted possible threats. On command they will turn from your innocent pet to what appears to be a “man eater” and with the highest level of control and normal voice tone command, they reverse back to your sweet, loving dog. This is the perfect level of protection for those clients who feel the need to display the look of a guard or attack dog , yet deterring the threat is all that is truly necessary. Refer to our skills chart to see what commands are included at this level of dog.

Defender:Starting at $28,000

Our most popular dog that is able to bite, fight, protect, and love is our Defender. These dogs’ abilities are hard to match. This dog like our Deterrent has the highest level of off leash control, and deters threats, is able to bite and fight, and then is passive immediately following, with a single command. What sets our Defenders apart is the tasks the dog is able to perform, for example the protect command where the dog will hastily rush to the owner and act viciously towards the threat, ready to protect while acting as a shield- barking and keeping themselves between the threat and the owner. They will move with you and rotate around you so you are able to keep a safe distance from the threat while at the same time the dog is aware of the threat no matter the situation. This dog can be released from this command by sending them after the threat or if the threat tries to close the space to an unsafe distance to you, the dog will attack automatically with no command. We also teach them to fight through different pain and environmental thresholds that are common with criminals and suspicious behavior. This dog is a loving companion that will value yours and your family’s lives ahead of his own!

Prime Protector: Starting at $38,000

Our Prime Protectors have it all. With the highest level of capabilities, confidence, power, and ability to socialize, these prime protectors will never leave a family member feeling unsafe. The Prime Protector is the entire package- everything that makes up our Defender plus protecting your home, vehicle, and property. This level of protection also differs as we teach our Protectors the ability to redirect in case of multiple attackers. These dogs have the skills to search through your house, yacht, hotel room, plane, etc, and upon finding an intruder they will automatically bite. You can feel safe going out late at night and not have someone approach you in your vehicle, as your prime protector will turn on and bite on command or without command if you are put in a compromised situation. As your family pet, the Prime Protector enjoys heading to the park as babysitter for a child or to the grocery store with mom or traveling on a business trip with dad. When we say- this dog does it all- he does it all and takes away your worry from being lonely, safe, or the “just in case” situations…With this level of protection, your home, vehicle, property and family will all be protected with a loving, dependable and intense fighter.